Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number PS4 Review

If you like action games you will definitely love Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, because this game and extremely intense, action adrenaline pulsing game. That will give you experience to enter the screen and increase velocity of bullets.If you are already hooked, free playstation plus codes will grant you entrance to crazy world of Hotline Miami 2!

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is excellent game regarding story and amazing level design, but they are few frustrating sentences that still break natural game flow. If you get neglect such small glitches, you will definitely enjoy in brutal game, action and ultimate violence. Hotline Miami 2 is a spiritual successor of the previous game from 2012, but it brings up a lot of new content in the game. Graphics and sounds are made in a classical style of 90s, but with improved control and original affects.

It offers ultimate story filled with robbers, drug dealers and other persons from the margins of society. Sound is made by classical synth and strong, pulsing bass that creates almost creepy and at the same time extraordinary atmosphere in the game. Basically, Hotline Miami 2 is top-down shooter with retro art style and very well-designed levels. The game will offer you to explore open world and areas, in some sense trying to simulate open world of popular MMO games. The large levels are really impressive, but they are certain points when clearing entire arena can be really frustrating. In that sequences game is really tough, but if you are looking for a challenge Hotline Miami 2 will not disappoint you.You can because frustration by Catholic planning your moles, for example if enemy is outside your range you can point unto him and lock your cursor on him. The story of the game is about conflict that emerge in chaotic world where only way to survive is to hit first and run.

You will have freedom to choose specific character for each level that will bring new situations and unpredictable events on specific maps.The game has always been known for ultimate violence, so it is not meant for younger generations. For example, you can play as one soldier or assassin from original Hotline Miami game.Overall, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is really wonderful Playstation 4 game and much more than a sequel. It brings its own style, detailed storytelling and unique level designs with extraordinary depth. If you’re looking for really interesting and action oriented game Hotline Miami 2 may be a perfect choice.

First steps in Clash of Clans

So, you want to play Clash of Clans, one of the most popular games nowadays, and more than that you want to be very good player! At the beginning you may find that it is difficult to understand all tactical and strategic moments that you are supposed to make in the game, therefore we create this this short guide to help you with first steps in the game.

Most important thing or item in the game are gems. They are in a very precious in this game, in that degree that whole Clash of Clans concept is revolving around them. You can find them in in-game shop for real money, or by clash of clans hack 2015,  but from the beginning of the game you should think in advance how to spare your gems and use them for some important upgrades later in the game. You should save your gems from tutorial, be careful not to use them as guide suggested for some useless upgrade, instead you will use those gems later in the game for some significant upgrades. First, concentrates on collecting resources and invest it does resources in buying additional builders. That is important because builders will speed up your production rate and you will be able to advance much faster in the game. You can collect additional sum of gems by completing different quests or achievements. Another way of getting some free gems is by clearing items in your village, like rocks, logs or trees.

You should invest your gems, as soon you collect them, in buying additional builder. They are many buildings that you should upgrade at the beginning of the game, but you should upgrade and build gold and elixir structures first. It is important because those structures will help you to accelerate your production and upgrade your buildings much more faster. You should build and then upgrade your gold and elixir production buildings and storage. It is important to understand how and when to upgrade your Town Hall. Do not hurry and try to upgrade your Town Hall before you fully upgraded all other available structures and buildings. You should upgrade them oll to the highest possible level and only then you should consider to upgrade Town Hall to the next level. You should develop and organize your defense first as soon as you advance to level 3.

Build archer towers, cannons and mortar to secure defense line against early attacks. Each of those defensive structures special abilities, strong and weak points. Archer towers are very weak, but they can attack targets that are very far, air units also. Cannons are overall solid ground unit defense, while mortars otherwise excellent protection from archers and barbarians at the early stages of the game. Try to apply our advices and you will have solid base for beginning of your Clash and Clans adventure.

Perfect Thief or Guide to Goblins in Clash of Clans

The Goblin is perfect thief in Clash of Clans and actual resources stealer in the game. Gonlins are fast and reliable unit that targets resources as priority. In this short tutorial we will cover basic information about goblins that will help you to become almost unstoppable player.

Goblins are third unit that you will unlock in Clash of Clans and they are the only unit in the game that has resources as their preferred target. They are extremely fast unit, but at the same time they deal a relatively high damage and more than that they deal double damage to the source storage structures. That is very suitable for farming. The training time of this unit is 30 seconds, at the same time they are cheap, you will need just one supply unit, but if you want to secure your resources you may try clash of clans cheats and fill your storages. It is the only the mention they are extremely fast, movement speed of 32 tiles is extremely fast. Goblins can target only ground units and deals double damage to all resource structures. Downside of this unit is low health and its strength is the fact that goblins are among the fastest units in Clash of Clans. They can easily overrun any trap in the game.

They will attack closest collector, drill or mine and is capable to take down those structures very quickly because it deals double damage to them. At the beginning of the game Goblins are not very strong, but with upgrades they gain significant advantage. They gain huge boost from levels 5 to 6 and at that moment they are a very solid unit. They are many different strategies, we will present you few strategies primarily meant for farming. Goblins are perfect units for farming. They deal high damage and at the same time they are extremely fast units, which makes them perfect thieves in the game. You can drop few goblins at every resource structure, and within a second you will totally destroy their storages.

Once after all resource structures are destroyed goblins will attack other units and buildings around them. The easiest way to farm is simply to be patient until you find a base that is filled with Dark Elixir Drills or Elixir Collectors. When you find a base deploy 10 goblins on each structure, Elixir Collector, Gold Mine and Drill. You will receive your resources and you are free to move to the next battle. This is very simple, yet extremely efficient strategy.

Sid Mayer’s Starships Review

Sid Meier is a famous name in the industry of games and this time he’s bringing the game named Sid Meier’s Starships. In this short article we will try to summarize our experience and give short comments about Sid Meier’s newest game. You concluded already, galaxy is in danger!

Sid Meier’s Starships is basically a tactical real-time strategy game with a plot and charismatic characters around the story. The combat is turn-based and it take place few hundred years before Civilisation. As usual, your home planet is in danger, this time you are in the role of admiral, predestined to save entire universe. The game is turn based, and once when you successfully came into the orbit you will begin with different early-game missions. Game is very quick at the strategic level, which requires thinking and ability to make decisions. Also, Starships seems to move extremely quickly and it is sometimes very hard to understand what is happening on the screen.

The basic idea of Starships is brilliant, but implementation of the game itself finds a difficulties. Every action or decision is crucial, that will have direct impact on your power and wealth, so combining different elements is a key to victory in this game. You will be able to adjust your space ship as you like, we can say that customization options are really well done. You can modify your weapons, shields and bring unique look and skills to your battleships. You will be able to play this game on your PC or tablet without any problem, the game runs very smoothly without any glitches or bugs. If you like strategic turn based games, As we said, the battle is turn based and we may compare it with game Risk. You will need to develop a strong empire, build strong fleet, and engage in endless battles until you become predominant force in the universe.


That requires a lot of repetition and very soon the initial enthusiasm bestows formed into their feeling of apathy. The game wanted to deliver board game atmosphere, but practical execution of the game didn’t quite succeed in that endeavor.
Sid Meier’s Starships is nice game to have and to remember the old days when Civilisation was game number one! Unfortunately, only fans of this genre will truly honor that spirit in this new Sid Mayer’s game.